"The experience we had with Tom was nothing but stellar. The entire time we were working with Tom from the beginning to the end we felt that Tom kept our best interest in mind. He cares about people and cares that they are prepared in case the worst happens."

Samantha & Brent Lane

"We were able to discuss our issues with him honestly, which allowed us, with his help, to pick policies tailored to our unique situation. We cannot say enough about Tom but I will say that we can both now rest a little bit easier knowing that we have protected our assets and each other should life throw us a curve ball."

Robin D. Shofner

“I asked Tom to review my family life insurance needs. At 54, I’ve been a litigation attorney for nearly thirty years. I worried about the security of my wife and college student daughter if some unforeseen event took my life. Not an easy topic to explore, but necessary.

Tom was great. We spoke at different times a
nd settings. There was never any pressure. We sketched out the financial vulnerabilities if I could not be present as the sole wage earner. Tom came to my home, spoke to my wife and put her at ease. We crafted an insurance plan that was affordable and reassuring.

I recommend Tom to my friends, family and interested clients. As an additional positive, working with Tom motivated me to focus more on my own wellness for the present and my many opportunities. I gained so much peace of mind working with tom and by making good decisions.”

Brian Charter

“We could not be more pleased with the service we received from Tom Rasmussen as he guided us through the many options for our life insurance needs. We were not ‘sold’ on any particular product, but rather, he listened to our current and future wants and needs to help us find the perfect policy match. His attention to detail and follow through were above and beyond what we have experienced in that past. I have family members that

Trisha and Burton Walsh

“My husband and I were referred to Tom in July 2008. We needed to review our existing individual LTCI policies and address some concerns on coverage.  We found Tom to be extraordinarily knowledgeable, welcoming and personable, all within a casual, comfortable, no pressure atmosphere. Our concerns were treated with respect, patience and thoroughness.

We remain his clients to this day and will, without hesitation, recommend him to anyone seeking good, solid, honest insurance advisement.”

Carl and Susan Dutra

“I have been relying on Tom Rasmussen since 2004 to provide me with annuity, life and long-term care insurance advice, training and underwriting support. Most wholesalers and marketing companies are quick to give the basic advice to help me get the sale, but Tom has always gone above and beyond expectations.

This is especially true with Long Term Cases. LTC insurance companies and policies are constantly changing. I have always been able to count on Tom to keep up with the complexities of the California market.

Even more important, Tom helps me create multiple proposals for each client before I meet with them. Not all insurance companies offer the best coverage for each situation. Tom knows the companies’ “sweet spots” and he helps me design packages that best fit my clients’ needs and budgets.

Tom has a ton of experience and knowledge. It would be much more difficult for me to go it alone trying to sell Long-Term Care coverage working directly with the companies.”

Fred Hymans

“14 years ago, I was introduced by my tax advisor to Tom Rasmussen. I have been using him as my income protection advisor ever since.
I have total trust in him and would recommend anyone to consider his services.”

Sheryl Brewer

“Tom is passionate about helping people have a plan when it comes to income protection. My wife and I benefitted from meeting with Tom to understand what we have. Tom was helpful in putting a plan in place to fill in the gaps that we had with our coverage. We are grateful to Tom for his professionalism and expertise.”

Kevin Guttman

“I met Tom in a network meeting two years ago. When I found out he was an insurance agent, we began talking about long term care. He asked me "What's your plan Dan"? I responded with...we better figure it out.  A week later, he began digging into my life, disability, and long-term care policies. Tom quickly realized that I had a bunch of holes in these policies, and he explained them to me. I started wondering what I was paying for. A week later, he presented me with some different types of plans. I began to understand the amount of time and effort Tom puts into his work. He is not just a life, disability, and long-term care insurance agent, but a true specialist in these fields. He digs through these policies like a detective on a crime scene. With over thirty years of experience, and passion to boot, he will find you a product that is worth paying for. I now have a solid disability plan and two creative life/long term care policies. I would recommend Tom Rasmussen for all your disability, life, and long-term care needs. He will give you a great product like he did for me.
What's your plan?” 

Dr. Dan Koplow

“Tom sat down with my husband and I, reviewed our financial situation as well as our current plan. Tom was able to explain to us in a way that we understood, how much coverage we needed and why. We were able to get a better product than we currently had for less money! Even if you think you have a plan, it is worth your time to sit down with Tom to review it and make sure it meets your needs.”

Jennifer Powilleit

“I have worked with Tom Rasmussen for at least 2 years now, I am in the Senior living industry and have been for 8 years. Day after day I would hear similar stories from children of aging parents. My mom or dad needs care and I don’t know how we will pay for it? Another scenario might be my mom or dad needs care and they have some money in savings and a home to sell, we can use all of their assets to pay for care but what happens when they have spent all of their money? I heard this time and time again without even thinking about my own long-term planning goals and what I would do if I needed care.  I decided to meet with Tom to discuss my own goals. He was thorough and took the time to build a relationship with me. We did end up with a plan for my long-term care needs if they should arise but more importantly I have gained a friend. I am so thankful for Tom and appreciate his expertise in the income protection business. I trust him and know that he is always looking out for my best interests. I feel at peace knowing that if I ever need it I have a plan!”

Shari Hall – Brookdale Senior Living

“The future ……… We all have hopes and dreams that we will live a long and healthy life well into our retirement years, but do we really know the fate of our future? Since my early twenties I’ve been getting advice from people about retirement, investing, health insurance, life insurance. It’s all about offering some kind of protection for your family and your future. It wasn’t until I met Tom Rasmussen and he started educating me about another kind of protection, long-term care insurance. I’ve always considered myself a very healthy individual and never really thought much about long-term care coverage. With tom’s knowledge and passion to educate, specifically for long-term care and life insurance planning, he was able to guide me through the process of selecting an affordable plan to secure my future in the event of the unexpected. As a small business owner and sole provider for my family it is crucial that I take the necessary action to protect my family’s future.”

Gary Olson

“As a new small business owner, no longer protected by corporate insurance, Tom was able to find me a short-term care plan to get me started. He walked me through all my options, taking into consideration my current financial constraints. The great thing is, I am covered and as my business grows, I can adjust my plan accordingly. I highly recommend anyone who has not thought of the benefits of coverage, or the potential pitfalls of not having some coverage, talk to Tom, today, about their options. at least put yourself in a position to make an informed decision”

Melissa Healy

“My wife and I began looking into Long Term Care products last year. The types of products and all their inclusions was very confusing, to say the least. A good friend recommended that we speak to Tom Rasmussen – because they had similar questions, and he had been extremely helpful.
We contacted Tom and were quite amazed at the quickness and thoroughness of his response. He gave us information to view a video, of his, which gave a complete picture and detailed explanation of Long Term Care products and some pros-and-cons to each. Our subsequent appointment with Tom was so much easier, since we now had some idea of the choices that were before us. Tom’s whole approach to educate his clients is a real breath of fresh air! We didn’t feel the usual “sales pressure” associated with most Insurance Agents. Instead, we felt as though we were getting helpful guidance from a professional friend.
That being said, we consequently purchased a Long-Term Care plan that completely suited our needs and was within our budget guidelines. I would like to thank Tom for his diligent efforts and offer my most hearty recommendation for his Professional Services.”

Thomas & Cheryl Mork

“Tom gave my husband and I a wonderful evening of personalized information on our options for Health Insurance. He took time to educate us and help us understand that we need a Plan for our future of living out our lives whether it be in good health or not. We will be working with Tom to create the right plan for our specific needs. I highly recommend everyone take the time to get to know Tom and benefit from his over 30 years of experience in the industry.”

Susan and Jessie

“Tom Rasmussen is the absolute clear solution. Tom clearly cares about you and your family, he clearly explains the best plans to protect you and your family and clearly has to knowledge and resources to fulfill his evident passion in having a plan. When he sits at your dining room table, it's like you have a new member of your family because in that hour he's able to not only have difficult conversations about end-of-life and other subjects many of us don't want to think about; but he'll also give you his full attention when you babble and share about all that your life has given you up to this point. He makes it clear THOSE things are what you want to protect, THOSE people, THOSE loved ones that you share your time and life with will always be taken care of, no matter what circumstances may arise throughout your life's journey. I would highly recommend anyone, millennials...baby boomers...generation x, speak with Tom, invite him in and have a plan!”

Shayla & Brando McCullough

“I had a meeting with Tom and he asked me a simple question 'What’s your plan' for the future? That simple question hit me hard as I realized I had never even stopped to think about it. Life can change in a moment whether you’re ready for it or not. What I got from this meeting with tom is, you might not be able to control what tomorrow brings you, but you can control if you have a plan. Tom took the time to help me to build a plan that fit me and my family, he was very knowledge and took the time to make sure I understood every step when it came to designing the right plan for me and my family. Thank you Tom !”

Yaron Hefter

“I spoke with Tom about my husband and I and thought there was nothing I could get for my husband due to a transplant almost 5 years ago now. Tom not only found something for him but it is very affordable. It would provide some great financial support in the event he needs care in our home in the future. Thanks Tom “

Pat Miller

I give my highest recommendation to Tom. His professionalism, knowledge, and patience since day one is unparalleled. His service made me realize what I had missed from my previous relationship and I am very thankful for his efforts. My experience with Tom was refreshing, painless, and I'm in a far better position!

Dan Hines

I wanted to personally thank you for giving me the peace of mind that a long term policy brings with it. I understand the importance of what long term care means and the fact that you personally shared the details with me as far as coverage and terms was very enlightening.

George Romanski

Tom's knowledge and expertise of his field truly sets him apart. He understands how to clearly convey various options and explains how each would most benefit the individual in their unique circumstance. As a client, I felt confident that I was making an informed decision for not only my current peace-of-mind but also the benefit of my future.

Leah Lambros

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