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Clear Solutions Insurance Services

An empowering protection plan beats a story and excuse every time.

Clear Solutions Insurance Services is here to educate and empower you with income protection planning, providing you with the proper knowledge, confidence, and tools to help protect your greatest asset: YOURSELF. For over 30 years, we have been empowering people to prepare for “life happens” events, serving as an insurance broker across Colorado. Not only are we dedicated to helping you find the right insurance plan for your family, but we have a wide range of free and value-filled education resources, so that you can learn how to protect and preserve your financial future.

What is Income Protection Planning?

Health insurance can help cover your medical costs, but it may not be enough when you have to pay other bills. Without your income, you may be unable to pay your mortgage and other expenses. Many families cannot afford to pay their bills without both spouses working full-time. The most valuable asset you have is your ability to earn an income. What would you do if you get sick or hurt and can no longer work? What would your family do?

This video illustrates a simple exercise on how to determine your financial vulnerability to a “Life Happens Event.”

You can’t predict when a “life happens” event occurs, like unexpected death, disability, need for care, or shortfalls in health coverage. But planning for the unexpected is one of the best ways to ensure your income is protected. Whether you experience a health crisis or even death, we know that you want your family to be taken care of.

Clear Solutions Insurance Services can design an affordable income protection plan for you based on your family’s individual needs, whether that involves life insurance, long-term care planning, disability insurance, filling health insurance gaps, or simple education to help you make the right financial choices.

Protecting your income allows you to keep your family in the lifestyle they are accustomed to, no matter what happens.

Income Protection Plans Made For You

Life Insurance

Life insurance is improperly labeled; it is really death insurance since it helps your beneficiaries by providing a lump sum after your death. Clear Solutions Insurance Services provides guidance on the right death coverage, but also educates clients on the empowerment of “Living Benefits Insurance,” which provides access to death benefit proceeds for critical, chronic, and terminal illness. Having life insurance means knowing your family can stay in their home and pay their bills. Having living life insurance means that funds can be available before you die. We can assist you with planning and deciding on a life insurance policy that is right for you, one that will benefit you and your family whether you’re gone or not.
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Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance provides funding for services such as in-home care, assisted living, and memory care. A high percentage of older adults will require long-term care at some point throughout their lifetime. You can financially prepare for an uncertain future by investing in this empowering coverage. There are several options to consider.
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Disability Insurance

Disability insurance replaces a percentage of your income when you can’t work due to an illness, accident, or injury. This type of income protection means that you can focus on getting healthy and you can rest knowing your family is protected during a challenging time.
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Longevity Health Planning

There are many funding gaps in today’s health coverages. Clear Solutions Insurance Services can help fill those gaps with accident, hospitalization, cancer, and critical illness coverages.
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Meet Tom Rasmussen - Your Empowerment Consultant

As an insurance specialist for over 30 years, Tom Rasmussen knows the struggles many families face with insurance. He has helped thousands of people with income protection and longevity health planning strategies throughout the country by providing guidance and education resources. At Clear Solutions Insurance Services, we focus on your needs and how we can put together a plan that will act in your best interest, all while educating and empowering you along the way. We design plans based on your family’s budget and needs because we believe you are your greatest asset.

a photo of Tom Rasmussen from Clear Solutions in Colorado Springs

The First Step Towards Empowerment is Knowledge

Be Empowered with Clear Solutions Insurance Services

With our years of commitment to helping families protect their income, we will do everything we can to determine the coverage you need to help protect you and your family for the future. We’re dedicated to serving you and your family, and you can trust us to be a partner who will be by your side. Together, we will build an income protection plan that fits your needs. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation with Tom.

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You also get access to our FREE online eligibility assessment tool and direct access to Tom to answer your questions and help with coaching if you desire.

At Clear Solutions Insurance Services, we are 100% dedicated to protecting you online and providing a safe haven free from “being sold”. We will never share your information with anyone.