Income Protection Planning

If there is anything we at Clear Solutions Insurance Services have learned in over 30 years of helping people plan, it’s this: they will take one of three approaches to the biggest decisions of their lives. Tell Stories, Make Excuses, or Have a Plan. The one certainty is that a plan beats a story and an excuse every time. By serving people in the communities of Colorado Springs and as a licensed insurance broker, we are empowering families to protect their futures and put the right plan for them into place.

Protect Your Income

The door of opportunity will not stay open indefinitely, and there is always an expiration. “Life happens” events are the catalysts that determine when that will occur, usually without warning. Ultimately, it is up to you to take the proper planning steps for your family. A plan allows you to face life’s certainties–and uncertainties–on your own terms. 

Without the ability to earn a living, there is no income to support all of the other things in your life that you have chosen to protect. We know if our car is damaged or the house burns down we can replace it, so the loss is perceived as a real possibility that we can recover from. When we consider the possibility of a disability, unexpected death, or extended care event actually happening to us, we tend to shy away from thinking of it as being a possibility. Because of this, we don’t take the proper steps to protect ourselves. Pretending that such a life event will not happen does not prevent it from actually happening.

Your Funding Options

There is a funding option that works for every family. What are your options? Clear Solutions Insurance Services is proud to offer plans to protect you from income loss due to long-term or extended care, temporary or permanent disability, and unexpected death.

Long-Term or Extended Care

Income protection policies are there to help you protect your income if you ever have a need for extended care. Whether that care is for 6 months or 3 years, or longer, you can protect your income, assets, and your family’s way of life against the unknowns of the future. As your advocate, we work with you during the process to help determine what kind of insurance will work best for your family.

Temporary or Permanent Disability

If a disability occurs on the job, workman’s compensation could be a viable option, but if the disability was not job related then there would likely be no coverage. Short-term or long-term disability coverage is a great option to be considered. Together, we would review your income situation to determine if this type of coverage is necessary and which avenue to pursue.

Unexpected Death

It’s important to protect your family, should the unexpected happen. These days there are several different options to choose from in life insurance, including ones with “living benefits,” which allow access to the death benefit funds without having to die. At Clear Solutions Insurance Services, we can help you find coverage that sets you and your family up for the future.

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Protect Your Income

Having an income protection plan in place is empowering, and knowing your options is crucial. Whatever kind of protection plan you’re considering, these decisions shouldn’t be made alone. Here at Clear Solutions Insurance Services, we are always available to answer your questions. As an insurance broker, we work for YOU, not the insurance companies. We are your primary advocate and empowerment partner when it comes to protecting your greatest asset. Schedule a call to talk with Tom!

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