Tom Rasmussen

tom rasmussen clear solutions

Business Name: Clear Solutions Insurance Services

Profession: Income Protection Specialist advising on Life, Disability and Long-Term Care Planning.

Location: Colorado Springs

Years in this Business:  32 yrs.

Industry Recognition: Tom has helped 1000’s of people with life, disability and long-term care planning across the country. 

He has received top awards for education, management and production. He has published articles for industry magazines and local newspapers, and been invited on several radio shows to discuss topics regarding senior issues and the importance of income protection planning.

He is a member of the non-profit LTC Forum Panel of CO which advises state legislators and industry experts on long-term care planning issues in the state of CO. He also holds the designation of CLTC which classifies him as a certified Long-Term Care specialist.

He provides education seminars and workshops to many senior, pre-retirement groups and worksites throughout CO and CA. He teaches Protection courses through the Pillar Institute, a non-profit educational organization providing an environment which fosters lifelong learning in the Pikes Peak Region.

Tom is a co-host on the TV show “New Horizons: Living Life to the Fullest” streaming on the ASY network and YouTube. The show focus’ on the empowerment of the second half of life.

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