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May 17, 2017 Interview

AM 1460 “The Answer” KZNT
“It’s Your Business Showcase”
Hosted by Jeff Thomas
Discussing Care choices when a loved one needs care-giving.

December 24, 2017 Interview

AM 1460 “The Answer” KZNT
“It’s Your Business Showcase”
Hosted by Jeff Thomas
Discussing Income Protection Planning for the second half of life.

Recommended Reading

The Conversation – Author: Harley Gordon

The Conversation - Harley Gordon“This book is an excellent read about having the conversation of “Extended Care” better known as Long-Term Care. After reading this, you will come away with the understanding of why it is so important to have a conversation about this life changing event. “The Conversation” is such an important read, that it can be the difference of being properly prepared or being completely unprepared for one of Life’s Most Consequential Events.”

Being Mortal – Author: Atul Gawande

Being Mortal – Atul Gawande“This book was a real eye opener for me. Mr. Gawande brings a medical point of view to the subject matter of Aging and End of Life issues. He provides a realistic view of such events and why it’s important to embrace this as part of life rather than be in denial. By excepting aging and death as certainties of life, the book illustrates how we can better prepared for these events on our terms and learn to live life more fully.

Reverse Mortgages / How to use Reverse Mortgages to Secure Your Retirement – Wade Pfau, Ph. D., CFA

Reverse Mortgages to Secure Your Retirement“This book is not an easy read, but if you truly want to understand the financial impact a Reverse Mortgage can have on retirement, it’s all there in the numbers. Don’t be misled by the past negative perception of Reverse Mortgage from days of old. Reverse Mortgages are no longer the last-ditch effort of financial survival, but a powerful financial tool to be considered for your overall financial outlook.”

Tax-Free Retirement – Patrick Kelly

tax free retirement“Life insurance can be more than just a protection vehicle, it can also be a retirement income planning tool, if positioned properly. This book will explain the concept of “Tax Free Retirement” and the role it can play in your retirement planning.”

Retire with Freedom & Confidence – Kevin A. Guttman, M.A.

retire with freedom and confidence Kevin Guttman“This book interviews 17 advisors in their specialized area of expertise to discuss the different topics that should be considered when putting a retirement plan together. These areas of planning expertise include Tax, Estate. Real Estate, Financial, Medicare, Long-Term Care, Reverse Mortgage and Senior Advocacy. All the things that contribute to a retirement of freedom and confidence.”

The Empowerment of Income Protection Planning – Tom Rasmussen

power of income protection planning“What kind of author would I be, if I didn’t recommend my own book? I wrote this book as a guide to help understand the importance of “Having a Plan?” After 30 plus years of observing the success and failures of those that planned and those who didn’t I felt that it would be important to discuss these topics and how to achieve Empowerment for you and your family. Subjects covered are, how to determine if you need a plan, what planning options are available and how to find a quality resource. It’s all there and more.”

Other Resources

The Care Givers On-Line Course
This site is a great resource for those individuals that have taken on the responsibility of being a care giver but have no training for such an undertaking.

This is an affordable training course, providing education on matters of housing, healthcare, financial and the emotional aspects of care giving. This course will give you a foundational knowledge of what it means to be a care giver.

Pikes Peaks Area Council of Governments
This site is a great resource for anyone living in Pikes Peak Area. It provides an on-line resource for a variety of services available to the community including “The Yellow Book” which is a comprehensive guide on senior resources throughout the region.

Care Conversations
This site provides a wealth of information on long-term care. The emphasis is all about having the conversation and what does that conversation entail. It is a very comprehensive guide on all things Long-Term Care.

Life Happens
This site is another non-profit that provides many resources regarding income protection planning. The site provides a great resource of education on Life, Long-term Care and Disability coverages.

LTC Facts
This site is a very good resource on the history of long-term care coverage in the different states and insurance companies offering coverage in each state.

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