Eligibility Assessment

At Clear Solutions, we want to empower you with a plan. This FREE Eligibility Assessment is a no obligation service that we provide. We will manually review your information and give you our best assessment of your eligibility. Once complete, your results will be provided over the phone or via email – whichever you prefer.

Note: The questions below are necessary to give you the best eligibility assessment possible. It is important to fill out the questionnaire completely. The questions are similar to the questions asked on an application for coverage. Any information will be kept confidential. The privacy laws apply to any information provided.

After you hit submit, you will be directed to a page that will have a link to come back to the form and add other applicants.

IMPORTANT: After receiving your information please allow us 2 days to get back to you with your results.

After your assessment has been delivered, you will have the opportunity to continue utilizing our resource services if you desire. We will give you more information on this in the follow up email.

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You also get access to our FREE online eligibility assessment tool and direct access to Tom to answer your questions and help with coaching if you desire.

At Clear Solutions Insurance Services, we are 100% dedicated to protecting you online and providing a safe haven free from “being sold”. We will never share your information with anyone.